Ultimate NL announces annual award winners for 2020

Ultimate Newfoundland and Labrador is thrilled to recognized its elite athletes, dedicated coaches and passionate volunteers with its 2020 Ultimate NL Awards. This year UNL recognized each recipient with a video announcement.

Ultimate NL could not miss the opportunity to show our appreciation this year so, the winners of the annual awards were announced via virtual video presentation. Check out the video for more information about the winners.

This year’s winners are:

  • Female Athlete of the Year Award: Erin Daly
  • Male Athlete of the Year Award: Nicholas House
  • Junior Female Athlete of the Year Award: Shannon Jones
  • Junior Male Athlete of the Year Award: Julian Costigan
  • Justin Frampton Spirit of the Game Award: Benjamin Dowden
  • Joe Coady Award: Kelly Knight

You can view the full Press Release announcement. And, to learn more about about the annual UNL Awards and past recipients, visit the awards page.

Please join us in congratulating and giving a big shout out to our 2020 award recipients!

UNL Award Winner Thank You Messages

Each of our award winners wanted to show their gratitude with a few words of thanks for receiving their awards. Read them below:

Erin Daly, Female Athlete of the Year 2020 – “Thank you to all of my teammates on Regiment, Tempest, and Team Canada, to everyone who trained with me throughout the season, and to all of the volunteers in the community who made it possible to practice and play Ultimate last year.”

Nicholas House, Male Athlete of the Year 2020 – “I am honoured to receive this award, and would look to thank my peers for selecting me as its recipient. I owe special thanks to my Regiment and Young Guns teammates for making every moment of ultimate one that I cherish. To Myles, Cam, Andrew, and Luke; thank you for pushing me. I hope I can keep up in the years to come.”

Shannon Jones, Junior Female Athlete of the Year 2020 – “I would like to thank my coaches, Natalie, Claire and Michael, for the opportunity to train and better myself as a player. Thank you to my peers who I spent the past few years playing with, and thank you to Zoe for teaching me the importance of spirit of the game. I would also like to thank Erin Daly for being my role model and inspiring me to be a better player. I am so grateful for this award and for this community that we have. I really appreciate everyone and their hard work. I am truly thankful for this award.”

Julian Costigan, Junior Male Athlete of the Year 2020 – “Thank you all for considering me for and awarding me Junior Male Athlete of the Year. I’d like to thank Craig, Nick, and Dave for coaching me to the point where I was able to win this award, and I’d like to thank Ryan and everyone else who might’ve nominated me. I will continue to get better each year, and I hope to someday prove I am capable of achieving even more. Thank you.”

Benjamin Dowden, Justin Frampton Spirit of the Game Award 2020 – “Thank you very much for the award. Ultimate has always been more than just a game for me. It’s about the camaraderie, both on and off the field. It’s always a joy to be part of the wonderful community, from pickup games at Bowering Park to the Salmon Cove tournament and the UNL awards. Looking forward to the days when we can gather again in the true spirit of ultimate frisbee.”