Ultimate NL the provincial sports organization for ultimate frisbee in Newfoundland and Labrador.

A new Board of Directors was elected at the AGM held Oct 2017.

President: Nick House (president@ultimatenl.ca)
Vice-President: Myles Dooley (vp@ultimatenl.ca)
Treasurer: Sarah Hoddinott (finance@ultimatenl.ca)
Secretary: Yolanda Kuai (admin@ultimatenl.ca)

Communications: Susan White (communications@ultimatenl.ca)

IT: Aaron Goulding (tech@ultimatenl.ca)

Youth Coordinator: Kurtis Thornhill (youth@ultimatenl.ca)

Sport Development Coordinator: Laurel Penney (sportdev@ultimatenl.ca)

Volunteer Coordinator: Mark Kavanagh (volunteer@ultimatenl.ca)

Tournaments Coordinator: William Kerr (tournaments@ultimatenl.ca)

SWURL Rep: Hilary Walsh

MZU Rep: Michael Walsh

MAUL Rep: Nick House

Ultimate NL Committees

Susan White (Chair)
Nicholas House
Dom Jean
Aaron Goulding

Kurtis Thornhill (Chair)
Sarah Hoddinott
Laurel Penney

Sport Development
Laurel Penney (Chair)
Nicholas House

Spirit of the Game

William Kerr (Chair)
Nicholas House

Our current bylaws can be found here. Our current strategic plan can be found here.

All general inquiries should be directed to president@ultimatenl.ca or by mail at P.O Box 7015, St. John’s, NL, A1E 3Y3.

You can also join our mailing list at here.