About Us

Ultimate NL the provincial sports organization for ultimate frisbee in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Board of directors
  • President: Nick House (president@ultimatenl.ca)
  • Vice-president: Melissa Wheeler (vp@ultimatenl.ca)
  • Finance director: Sarah Hoddinott (finance@ultimatenl.ca)
  • Communications director: Susan White¬† (communications@ultimatenl.ca)
  • Youth grade school director: Hilary Walsh (schools@ultimatenl.ca)
  • Youth performance and development director: Luke Dyer (youth@ultimatenl.ca)
  • Sport development director: Kathleen Sullivan (sportdev@ultimatenl.ca)
  • Community outreach director: Kurtis Thornhill (volunteer@ultimatenl.ca)
  • Events director: Brandon Kilfoy (tournaments@ultimatenl.ca)
  • Member-at-large: Tori Kearney

League representatives:

  • SWURL: Hilary Walsh
  • MZU: Rachael Fitkowski
  • MAUL: Nick House

Our current bylaws can be found here. Our current strategic plan can be found here.

All general inquiries should be directed to president@ultimatenl.ca or by mail at P.O Box 7015, St. John’s, NL, A1E 3Y3.

You can also join our mailing list at here.