Ultimate NL hosts a number of tournaments throughout the year which are independent of leagues.  Keep yours eyes open for upcoming dates and announcements of these tournaments.

Toilet Bowl: Toilet Bowl is a mixed 5-on-5 hat tournament that takes in September where teams battle it out to win the coveted Toilet Bowl trophy.  This is a tournament with a twist in that there are implements that replace the disc or another gimmick for a short period of time each game.  Points scored with the implement/gimmick are worth 2 points.

Huckfest:  The holiday cleansing tournament of the year!  Huckfest is a 5-on-5 mixed hat tournament that takes place during the last week of December when, hopefully, many people are back in the province for a visit.  It is a one-evening (5 hour) event that takes place at the indoor turf facility in St. John’s.

Elimin8s: In Elimin8s, each team begins with eight players on the field. However, every time they score a point, they lose a player! The first team to score with only two players on the field wins. Because the scoring team is handicapped with each point they score, blowouts are uncommon and games usually come down to the wire.

Senior High Provincial Tournament: Open to senior high school teams across the province, this tournament typically takes place in May.  This is a team registration tournament.

Junior High Provincial Tournament: Open to junior high school ultimate teams across the province, this tournament takes place at the end of April or in May. This is a team registration tournament.

Elementary School Tournament: This tournament is run in conjunction with the junior high provincial tournament.  It encourages elementary schools to put in teams for an afternoon of playing ultimate against other youth.