Locals to help guide national sport planning

Pictured are Luke Dyer on the left and Natalie O'Donnell on the right.
Luke Dyer, left, and Natalie O’Donnell

We love to see representation from Newfoundland and Labrador at the national table!

Congratulations to Luke Dyer on being appointed to Ultimate Canada’s competition committee, which develops and administers national adult competitions and competitive series, including CUC, CUUC and C4UC, as well as the national observer program.

We’d also like to shout out Natalie O’Donnell, who is serving the second year of her term on UC’s development committee this year. The development committee helps shape policies for junior development, specifically in the areas of CUC, implementing NCCP and developing a long-term plan for junior ultimate in Canada.

Keep up the great work!

To learn more about Ultimate Canada’s committees, click here.