Daly wins silver at nationals

Erin Daly drags her toe to catch the disc in bounds in the Canadian Ultimate Championships' mixed division play. Photo courtesy of Ultimate Canada.
Erin Daly stays in bounds for a point at 2019 CUC. Photo courtesy of Ultimate Canada.

Erin Daly took home a silver medal from the Canadian Ultimate Championships this year.

Competing with Ontario-based SOUP, it was Daly’s first experience in a national final. SOUP was undefeated in the tournament until losing the mixed division title to Quebec’s LAB by a score of 15-13.

“The championship game was highly competitive, spirited and a ton of fun,” said Daly. “Overall, I am extremely pleased with my performance and proud to bring home a silver medal.”

Daly scored 13 points, including two in the championship game, and two assists in the tournament. She averaged 2.29 points per game, the highest of any female player in the tournament. 

“Huge shout out to my team, SOUP, for adding me to their CUC roster. What a crazy, fun and talented bunch of athletes!”

Next, she’ll compete with Iris in the USAU fall series and the NE Women’s Regional Championships later this month.

Watch Daly score a Callaghan off a hand block here.

Erin’s toe drag highlight catch reached the top post on the r/ultimate subreddit. The highlight can be seen below.