Tempest sixth at No Borders

The members of Tempest pose for a team picture at No Borders 2019 while holding a Tempest banner.

Tempest capped its competitive season with a sixth-place finish at No Borders in Ottawa last month.

Held July 20-21 when much of Ontario was experiencing extreme weather conditions known as a “heat dome,” the province’s competitive club team for female-matching players managed a 3-1 record on Day 1 in temperatures close to 40℃.

Day 1 results:

  • Tempest (12) vs. PPF (7)
  • Tempest (4) vs. Iris (14)
  • Tempest (13) vs. Luna (6)
  • Tempest (7) vs. QUB (6)

In the early morning crossover match on Day 2, Tempest edged out V-Squad 8-7 to remain in the top eight bracket. After suffering a loss to the disciplined Quasar 6-10, Tempest finished the day with rematches against Luna and QUB, with each game having just one point in the difference.

Day 2 results:

  • Tempest (8) vs V-Squad (7)
  • Tempest (6) vs Quasar (10)
  • Tempest (8) vs Luna (7)
  • Tempest (9) vs QUB (10)

The Tempest roster at No Borders 2019 featured three rookies: Kayla McNally, Rosie Myers, and Meghan Wheeler.