Province’s first masters league for 45+ launched

A promotional image featuring older male- and female-matching ultimate frisbee players.

Adults who are interested in trying a new sport or discovering the joy of ultimate now have the opportunity to learn with their peers.

The Men’s Avalon Ultimate League (MAUL) is launching the province’s first great grand masters league for all genders this spring.

The league is targeted at people who want to try the sport in a fun and friendly environment. No prior experience is needed.

Great grand masters is open to female-matching players ages 45 and older, and male-matching players ages 50 years and older.

The seven-week league will run from April 29-June 12. Players may register in groups of up to four players and be placed on the same team.

The cost is $60 (plus Ultimate NL’s $15 membership fee, if applicable).

For further details and to register, click here.