New Ultimate NL board for 2021-2022

2021-2022 Ultimate board of directors
Left to right: Hilary Walsh, Melissa Wheeler, David Whitney-Brown, Rebecca Mesburis, Nick House, Lana Roestenberg, Cameron Penney, Laurne Law, Brandon Kilfoy (Missing: Eric Ouellette)

At last night’s annual general meeting (AGM) a new board of directors for Ultimate NL was voted in with the with some new and returning faces.

The full 2021-2022 board of directors who were elected are:

  • President: Nick House
  • Vice-president: Melissa Wheeler
  • Chief financial officer: Eric Ouellette
  • Communications director: Lana Roestenberg
  • Sport development director: Rebecca Mesburis
  • Youth school director: Hilary Walsh
  • Youth performance and development director: David Whitney-Brown
  • Community outreach director: Cameron Penney
  • Events director: Brandon Kilfoy
  • Member at large: Lauren Law

New to the board are Eric Ouellette as chief financial officer, Rebecca Mesburis, sport development director and Lauren Law as member at large.

Ultimate NL would like to thank Sarah Hoddinott, Kathleen Sullivan, Kurtis Thornhill, and Elias Syed for their hard work over the past year.

Representatives of Mile Zero Ultimate (MZU), St. John’s Women’s Ultimate Recreational League (SWURL) and Men’s Avalon Ultimate League (MAUL), St. John’s Older Adult League (SOUL) as assigned by those leagues, are:

  • MZU rep: Colin Martin
  • SWURL rep: Sarah Hoddinott
  • MAUL rep: Nick House
  • SOUL rep: Kelly Knight

Congratulations to the board of directors for 2021-2022! The board looks forward to helping grow the sport of ultimate in the province!