Great turnout for Pride parade

Members of the ultimate delegation carrying a colourful banner in the 2019 St. John's Pride Parade.
Ultimate delegation at the 2019 St. John’s Pride Parade. Photo credit: Ritche Perez Photography

We were stoked to see such a great turnout in the 2019 St. John’s Pride Parade!

Around 50 players and their friends and family joined our delegation to march from city hall to Bannerman Park in support of our players and the LGTBQ2S+ community.

Thank you to Mile Zero Ultimate, SWURL and MAUL for partnering with us on this initiative, and to the players from each of these leagues as well as Tempest, Regiment and Storm who joined us.

Ultimate is a welcoming and inclusive sport. We strive to use language that reflects this, using “female-matching” and “male-matching” to refer to our players instead of traditional gender normative vocabulary. This means that players are asked to choose what gender they wish to match up against on defence but are not required to specify a gender.

To learn more, check out Mile Zero Ultimate’s new inclusion page here

Some of the ultimate delegation at the St. John's Pride Parade.
Some of the ultimate delegation at the St. John’s Pride Parade.