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Become the ultimate coach for the ultimate sport! Ultimate NL facilities training for potential ultimate coaches through a number of ways….

To find out more about professional development please visit:


Coaching Association of Canada – Resources and “Locker” where NCCP coaches can record their courses and certification upkeep (link)

NL Coaching –  Information on coaching and course schedules (link)

Ultimate Canada  – Ultimate specific resources for coaching (link)

Ultimate Long Term Athletic Development – The entire copy of the LTAD model developed by Ultimate Canada (link)

FIFA11+ Complete Warm-Up Program (link)

Gym Class UltimateFrisbee (link)

New to coaching? Check out these online tutorials at coach.ca (link)

Certified coaches

The following individuals are trained Ultimate Community Initiation coaches:

Elizabeth Beattie
Kenny Budgell
Erin Daly
Carolyn Duncan
Nicholas Delaney
Krista Ghaney
Karen Hearn
Greer Hunt
Keith Krieger
Robert King
Robert Langridge
Claire Moore-Gibbons
Rory O’Leary
Noel O’Regan
Jeff Pardy
Patrick Snow
Suzy Stever
Jessica Webb
Natalie O’Donnell
Kyle King
Laurel Penney

Trained Competition Introduction Coaches: Claire Moore-Gibbons

Certified Competition Introduction Coaches: Erin Daly