2021 Masters Skill Development Series hits the mark for participants

Ultimate NL recently finished up the second offering of its Masters Skill Development Series.

The learning series ran for six weeks from September 15th – October 20th which focused on skills and drills to allow Master’s level players, both female-matching aged 30+ and male-matching aged 33+, to learn some of the most important skills to take their game to the next level.

“There were so many eager participants in this skill series! It was wonderful to see so many people willing to come out and work on their skills,” said Kathleen Sullivan, who served as Ultimate NL’s sport development director for 2020-2021. “The level of improvement after only a few hours of instruction is always amazing to see, and I hope that all the participants learned a lot!”

Over 40 participants got the opportunity to improve their skills in a safe and inclusive indoor environment. 

“Each week I was happy to see that all participants gained confidence as they learned and practised a new skill and drill,” said Kathleen Sullivan. “I hope they can take what they’ve learned from session facilitators and execute their new skills in game play.”

A huge shout out to everyone who helped facilitate the sessions, including Jess Wade, Andy Porter, Melissa Wheeler, Kari Jenkins, and Lauren Law. And, thank you to all participants who were eager to learn new techniques.

“The skill development series program is such an important initiative of Ultimate NL which was instituted by Kathleen,” said current Sport Development Director, Rebecca Mesburis. “I’m looking forward to organizing the next offering of the Master’s skill development series.”

Be on the lookout!